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  • Tiger Stripes - a frequency artefact
    Danish H. Kazmi

    Band like signal artefacts on spectral doppler may additionally be noticed in other pathological conditions as in a Perimembranous VSD restricted by septal leaflet of tricuspid valve when the valve tissue oscillates within the VSD jet. Non pathological condition like sound of a crying child while being interrogated with spectral doppler interferes with fundamental frequency of the intracardiac doppler signal and thus of...

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  • Unusual data with missing of some influencing variables
    Rajeev Gupta

    Dear Editor,

    I read with interest the interesting paper. Few points worth sharing: 1.11.6 % in-hospital mortality is rather unusual, usually it is around 5% in the contemporary practice. 2. 55.6% patients had cardiogenic shock with STEMI at admission is highly unusual. May be highly selected population, leading to selection bias. Usually 2-4 % patients with STEMI presents with true cardiogenic shock ( not impend...

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