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The evolving role of molecular imaging for coronary artery disease: where do we stand today?
  1. T Chua
  1. Correspondence to Associate Professor T Chua, National Heart Centre, Mistri Wing, Third Hospital Avenue, 168752 Singapore; terrance.chua.s.j{at}


The landscape of cardiac imaging is changing rapidly. There are promising new developments in molecular imaging on the horizon. It is likely that nuclear cardiology will continue to play an important role in the evaluation of CAD, but that role must evolve to meet clinical needs, competing technologies and the increasing emphasis on ensuring that imaging adds value and improves outcomes. This review offers some suggestions on the optimal role nuclear imaging can play vis-à-vis alternative options such as CT, but more data are needed before definitive recommendations can be made. Randomised trials comparing different diagnostic strategies can and should be performed to strengthen the foundations of clinical practice in nuclear cardiology. An evidence-based approach to imaging is here to stay.

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