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Massive intracardiac lymphoma spreading across the interatrial septum into major intrathoracic vessels
  1. Carlos A Mestres,
  2. Abdulsamee Hemdan,
  3. José M Bernal
  1. Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Tajoura National Heart Center, Tajoura, Tripoli (Libya)
  1. Correspondence to Dr Carlos A Mestres; 14144{at}

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A 22-year-old female was referred from a distant institution with a 3-week history of palpitations, dizziness, facial swelling, cyanosis and syncope. Upon admission, transthoracic echocardiography revealed a solid mass collapsing the right atrium protruding into the tricuspid valve, displacing the interatrial septum extending across it into the left atrium and infiltrating the aortic wall (figure 1—movies 1, 2). Emergency surgical exploration was indicated owing to …

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