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A perilous cause for cardiovocal syndrome
  1. Sandeep Mohanan,
  2. C G Sajeev,
  3. P Kader Muneer,
  4. M N Krishnan
  1. Department of Cardiology, Calicut Government Medical College, Calicut, Kerala, India
  1. Correspondence to Dr Sandeep Mohanan, ‘Deepthi’, Kavu stop, Chevayoor PO, Calicut, Kerala 673017, India; stg222{at}

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A perilous cause for cardiovocal syndrome

A 74-year-old man presented with a 2-month history of hoarseness of voice and dyspnoea. He had been on treatment for hypertension and was a chronic smoker. Initial evaluation by an otorhinolaryngologist identified left vocal cord palsy (figure 1A). The chest X-ray appeared normal. For evaluation of coronary artery disease he was referred to the cardiology department. Two-dimensional echocardiography revealed moderate left ventricular dysfunction and dilatation of the ascending aorta. The coronary angiogram showed normal coronary arteries. An aortogram performed with the pigtail catheter in the …

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