Table 3

Summary of Doppler time intervals and mitral flow patterns

LV MPI0.52±0.100.60±0.12p<0.04
LV ICT (ms)65.4±18.062.8±24.5NS
LV IRT (ms)80.4±12.097.7±30.0p<0.05
LV ET (ms)275.7±24.8276.7±31.3NS
E-wave deceleration time (ms)175.3±35.2171.8±28.3NS
Epv (cm/sec)62.2±12.459.6±12.1NS
Etvi (cm)9.2±1.88.6±1.7NS
Apv (cm/sec)60.1±15.861.3±14.4NS
Atvi (cm)6.0±2.16.1±1.8NS
Epv/Apv (cm/sec)1.1±0.41.05±0.4NS
Etvi/Atvi (cm)1.7±0.71.6±0.6NS
  • Data are expressed as a mean value±SD.

  • LV, left ventricle; MPI, myocardial performance index; IRT, isovolumic relaxation time; ICT, isovolumic contraction time; ET, ejection time; E, early diastolic filling wave; A, atrial contraction wave; PV, peak velocity; TVI, time-velocity integral.