Table 4

mRNA levels of IL6, vWF and P-selectin in ACS and control subjects

MarkerACSControlsp Value
IL6, median (IQR)*0.13 (0.24)0.16 (0.31)0.536
vWF, median (IQR)†0.040 (0.01)0.0025 (0.01)0.227
P-selectin, median (IQR)‡388.30 (479.24)373.34 (403.65)0.675
  • Due to consideration of sample qualities, a varying total number of samples to be analysed for relative mRNA fold change in IL6, vWF and P-selectin were taken. Some samples were also excluded for further analysis as only one replicate recorded a positive CT, and the other was negative (undetected), or showed primer dimer.

  • *IL6: 12 ACS versus 7 controls.

  • †vWF: 17 ACS versus 12 controls.

  • ‡P-selectin: 19 ACS versus 12 controls.

  • ACS, acute coronary syndrome; vWF, von Willebrand Factor.