Table 2

Coronary sinus blood flow changes before and after thrombolysis among all patients with acute myocardial infarction (n=28)

ParameterBefore SKAfter SKp Value
Ejection fraction (%)47.57±10.7849.33±8.140.273
CS VTI (cm)11.86±4.5914.2±5.630.132
Peak velocity (m/s)0.41±0.060.45±0.050.108
Peak gradient (mm Hg)0.714±0.280.83±0.250.213
Mean velocity (m/s)0.18±0.090.24±0.090.192
Mean gradient (mm Hg)0.28±0.120.33±0.100.091
Diameter (mm)6.44±1.977.01±2.090.119
CSBF per beat (mL)1.96±0.872.91±1.390.081
CSBF per minute (mL/min)168.96±90.91255.67±117.100.0567
  • CS, coronary sinus; CSBF, coronary sinus blood flow; SK, streptokinase; VTI, velocity time interval.