Table 1

Examples of Hinglish text messages developed from the English bank for use by the Hindi-speaking Indian population

CategoryEnglish text messageHinglish equivalentComments
SmokingHi <xxx>, quitting smoking is the best thing you can do to reduce your risk of a heart attack. Aim for lifetime cessation today.Cigarette, beedi, gutkha aur tambaku ka tyag (quit)—yeh sabse zyada fayda karega. Zindgi bhar ke liye tyag do.Asymmetrical translation—incorporates tobacco usage habits of the target population.
Hi <xxx>, research shows that quitting smoking will halve your chances of a heart attack.Research (anusandhaan) batate hain ke bidi-cigarette-tambaku ke tyaag se heart attack kaa chance aadhaa ho jaataa hai.Asymmetrical translation—incorporates tobacco usage habits of target population.
DietFood prepared at home is usually much healthier than restaurant food. Why not take food from home and have an outing to the park instead?Ghar kaa khaanaa hotel ke khaaney se jyaadaa healthy hotaa hai. Kyun na ghar se tiffin box le jaayen.Symmetrical translation.
Salt is often used in packaged food by food companies as a flavour enhancer or preservative and you may not realise it is there.Readymade packet ke namkeen/paapaad/aachaar/ketchup/potato chips mein bahut zyaadaa namak hota hai. Inkaa upyog kum hi rakhen.Asymmetrical translation—provides information on commonly consumed food items in the target population responsible for excessive salt intake.
Physical activityHi <xxx>, usually it is safe to start mild exercise early after a heart event but if you are unsure ask your doctor or hospital cardiac rehab unit.Heart attack ke baad, halki-fulki kasrat (walking exercises) se shuruat karen. Dhire dhire isme badhautri karen.Near symmetrical translation to maintain 160 character length of short message service (SMS).
Hi <xxx>, physical activity can be accumulated in short bouts of 10 min each. Aim to complete 3 bouts per day.Ek saath 30 min yaa din me 3 baar 10 min ke liye kasrat (excersie) karen. Faaydaa dono se hogaa.Symmetrical translation.
MedicationAspirin stops the blood platelets from sticking and prevents blood clots from forming. Take aspirin once per day with food.Aspirin blood ko patlaa kartaa hai aur khoon ko jamne se roktaa hai. Rozana pehle kuchh khaanaa khayen fir aspirin ki goli len.Symmetrical translation.
Cholesterol-lowering meds have names ending with statin. They help decrease low denisity lipoprotein (LDL) (bad) cholesterol and increase high density lipoprotein (HDL) (good) cholesterol.Cholesterol kum karney vali goli (medicine) ko ‘statin’ kehtay hain. Yeah LDL namak bura cholesterol kum karti hain.Near symmetrical translation. The last piece of information on HDL cholesterol was dropped to fit 160 character count.
General/guidelinesIt is important to keep LDL cholesterol levels less than 2.0.LDL cholesterol, nuksaan-daayak (harmful) cholesterol hai. Yeh khoon mein 100 mg se kum honaa chaahiye.Symmetrical translation with education on importance of LDL cholesterol. Blood levels of cholesterol converted to country-specific units.
If you get chest pain take aspirin and anginine or nitrolingual spray if you have it. Keep these medications close by just in case.Hameshaa apne paas aspirin aur sorbitrate (nitrate) goli rakhen. Chest pain ho to inkaa extra dose le len aur doctor se baat karen.Symmetrical translation with additional advice on the need to see doctor.
  • <xxx> represents participants preferred name.