Table 3

Results of the programme in subjects who completed all planned sessions

All (n=45)Disease group (n=27)Risk group (n=18)
VariablePrePostp ValuePrePostp ValuePrePostp Value
Heart rate, bpm (mean±SD)76±1176±14ns74±1173±11ns79±1182±16ns
SBP, mm Hg (mean±SD)135±18129±15ns132±17126±12ns140±18135±16ns
DBP, mm Hg (mean±SD)79±982±10ns77±979±9ns82±1186±9ns
Weight, Kg (mean±SD)74±1473±13.90.00870±1069±9ns79±1879±18ns
BMI, kg/m2 (mean±SD)27.76±5.8727.49±5.720.0226.14±3.8425.7±3.680.00430.25±7.4330.16±7.2ns
WC, inches (mean±SD)40±439±40.039±438±40.040±540±50.003
6MWD, metres (mean±SD)426±120 (n=37)489±132 (n=37)0.0002411±124 (n=23)493±147 (n=23)0.001448±112 (n=14)496±124 (n=14)ns
TMT, METs (mean±SD)6±2 (n=6)8±2 (n=6)0.0475±2 (n=3)8±3 (n=3)ns7±2 (n=3)8±1 (n=3)ns
  • 6MWD, 6 min walk distance; BMI, body mass index; DBP, diastolic blood pressure; METs, metabolic equivalents; ns, not significant; SBP, systolic blood pressure; TMT, treadmill test; WC, waist circumference.