Table 2

Baseline clinical characteristics of the study subjects and differences between the two groups

CharacteristicsStudy subjects (n=67)Disease group (n=33)Risk group (n=34)p Value
Age, years (mean±SD)56±1361±1051±140.001
Male, n (%)49 (73)28 (85)21 (62)ns
Heart rate, bpm (mean±SD)77±1275±1180±13ns
SBP, mm Hg (mean±SD)133±17133±17134±17ns
DBP, mm Hg (mean±SD)78±976±879±9ns
BMI, kg/m2 (mean±SD)28±626±430±70.004
WC, inches (mean±SD)40±539±442±50.0006
Functional capacity
6MWD, metres (mean±SD)420±122 (n=56)420±124 (n=29)419±116 (n=27)ns
TMT, METs (mean±SD)5±2 (n=11)5±2 (n=4)5±2 (n=7)ns
  • 6MWD, 6 min walk distance; BMI, body mass index; DBP, diastolic blood pressure; METs, metabolic equivalents; ns, not significant; SBP, systolic blood pressure; TMT, treadmill test; WC, waist circumference.