Table 2

Associated conditions that are possible aetiologies of CHF hospitalisation in the Philippines in 2014 (based on ICD-10 codes)

Heart failure aetiologyn (%)
Hypertension8655 (86.7)
 Hypertensive heart disease with heart failure4806
 Hypertensive heart disease3080
 Hypertension 46
 Hypertensive heart disease and chronic kidney disease (stage 1 to 4), with heart failure 271
 Hypertensive heart disease and chronic kidney disease (stage 5) or end-stage renal disease, with heart failure 378
 Hypertensive heart disease and chronic kidney disease with heart failure, variants 74
Rheumatic heart disease 748 (7.5)
 Rheumatic heart disease with heart failure 1
 Rheumatic heart disease concomitant with heart failure variants 747
Coronary artery disease 349 (3.5)
 Myocardial infarction 35
 Unstable angina 18
 Chronic ischaemic heart disease 296
Cardiomyopathy 215 (2.2)
Congenital heart disease 17 (0.17)
  • n=number in each item; %=(n/N)×100; N=9984 (number of filled-up claims regarding possible aetiology and not the total number of patients hospitalised due to CHF); sum of percentage does not equal 100.0% due to the rounding off.

  • CHF, congestive heart failure.