Table 1

Analytical characteristics of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin assays6 8 9

Cardiac troponin concentrations (ng/L) at:
Assay (manufacturer)Lower limit of detection99th percentile (CV†)10% CVMeasurable values* (% subjects)
Troponin T
 Elecsys (Roche)5.014 (8%)13NA
Troponin I
 Access (Beckman)2–38.6 (10%)8.680
 ARCHITECT (Abbott)‡1.525.6 (<5%)6.092.3
 Erenna (Singulex)0.0910.1 (9%)0.88100
 MTP (Nanosphere)0.22.8 (9.5%)0.5NA
 Vista (Siemens)0.59 (5%)386
  • Adapted from Apple et al.6 Reproduced with permission from the American Association for Clinical Chemistry.

  • *Proportion of subjects with levels above the lower limit of detection.

  • †CV at 99th percentile.

  • ‡Taken from Aw et al.9

  • CV, coefficient of variation; MTP, microtiter plate.