Table 2

Comparison of 99th percentile values in men, women and mixed gender populations (general, non-cardiac or healthy individuals) in different studies using the Abbott ARCHITECT STAT high-sensitivity troponin I package

99th percentile (ng/L)
SourceCountryAge (years)Specimen typenFemaleMaleOverall
Package insertUSA18–75All459315.634.226.2
Lithium heparin153114.334.526.9
Apple et al 20128USA18–64Lithium heparin524153623
Koerbin et al 201218Australia20–84Serum49711.114.013.6
Aw et al 20139Singapore35–65Serum112017.932.725.6
Krintus et al 201415Europe*18–91Serum176911.42719.3
Zeller et al 201419Scotland40–59Serum12 65018.131.723.9
Collinson et al 201517England45–89Serum5999.928.521.0
Zeller et al 201516Germany35–75Serum413819.933.127.0
  • *Nine laboratories in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland and Spain.