Table 1

Study details for peer-reviewed publications presenting estimates of RHD burden by country/area 2015 HDI status, 1980–2017

Very high HDI countriesHigh HDI countriesMedium HDI countriesHDI not specified
Total number of papersAll=11
Brunei: 0
Hong Kong: 2
Japan: 3
Singapore: 2
South Korea: 4
China: 11
Malaysia: 1
Mongolia: 0
Cambodia: 2
Laos: 0
Philippines: 2
Vietnam: 0
Taiwan: 3
Macao: 0
Study period†
 Prior to 20006323
 2000 onwards2620
 Study period spans pre-2000 and post-20003200
 Prevalence: general population or population subgroup4422
 RHD frequency among hospital/medical/cardiovascular/surgical/obstetric admissions4511
 RHD as a proportion of echos performed0200
 RHD mortality rates or proportions**5112
Data source
 Screening/clinical exam in other context2422
 Hospital admissions data or surgical database4411
 Health insurance data2000
 Echocardiography database (including echo database for inpatients)0300
 Mortality data5112
  • Numbers do not add to total number of papers as some reported multiple measures.

  • *Any study reporting on health facility populations denoted here as ‘facility’, regardless of whether the facility catchment area is national or subnational.

  • †For one paper, study period not explicitly stated.

  • Note several papers, particularly among those published pre-1990, have inconsistent results reported throughout the text.

  • ‡Some studies reported ARF and RHD in the same point estimate.  ** does not include absolute counts only

  • ARF, acute rheumatic fever; HDI, Human Development Index; RHD, rheumatic heart disease.