Table 1

An example of coding, categorising and formulating themes

CodesDefinition of codesSubcategoryCategoryTheme
Mixed foodAny reference to the combination of two or more types of foods itemsCombination of foodBalanced dietDescription of healthy eating
Vegetarian plus non-vegetarian foodAny reference to the combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods
NutrientsAny reference to the combination of different nutrients such as carbohydrate, protein, vitamins and fibresCombination of nutrients
FruitsAny reference to fruits or fresh fruit juice, not the sugar-sweetened fruit juice such as brands like ‘Frooti’ and ‘Real juice’FruitsHealthy foods
GreensAny reference to green leafy vegetables in specific such as spinach, collard and radish leaves, or in general such as ‘saag’ and ‘saag paat’Vegetables
VegetablesAny reference to vegetables other than green leafy ones such as cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant and so on, but not uncooked radish, cucumber and carrot
SaladAny reference to uncooked vegetables, especially carrots, cucumber and radish
WheatAny reference to whole wheat products wheat grains and whole wheat rotiGrains and legumes
LegumesAny reference to legumes, cooked, fried or soup
MilkAny reference to animal milk productsMeat and milk products
YoghourtAny reference to yoghourts such as lassi, curd (dahi) and plain yoghourt drink (mohi)
FishAny reference to fish such as fish soup, fish curry and fried fish