Table 3

The factors relating to stroke/SE

VariableHR95% CIp Value
Age0.990.93 to 1.070.98
Male0.680.25 to 1.690.41
BMI0.530.84 to 1.080.53
Current smoking1.030.16 to 3.620.97
Sinus node disease1.480.60 to 3.730.39
CHADS2 score2.691.83 to 3.97<0.01
Chronic kidney disease1.380.56 to 3.740.49
Coronary artery disease4.021.41 to 10.200.011
Cardiomyopathy1.940.31 to 6.800.42
Valvular heart disease2.470.70 to 6.820.14
LVEF0.980.93 to 1.070.48
LAD1.131.06 to 1.20<0.01
Prior documented paroxysmal AF4.441.78 to 11.25<0.01
Oral anticoagulant2.971.04 to 7.540.04
AHREs2.871.10 to 8.900.03
  • AF, atrial fibrillation; AHREs, atrial high rate episodes; BMI, body mass index; LAD, left atrial diameter; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; SE, systemic embolism.