Table 1

Patients’ baseline characteristics and study description

Study*YearAntiplateletACS typeTreatmentMorphine dosingGroupPatient numberAge (year)Male %MI history %DM %HTN %Smoking %
Meine et al 10 2005Clopidogrel (40%)NSTEMI66% had early angiogramIntravenous on presentationMorphine17 003656233326733
No morphine40 036705931337025
Puymirat et al 2 2016Clopidogrel (100%)STEMIPCIIntravenous on presentationMorphine453598111123953
No morphine1985647311175038
Kubica et al 5 2016Ticagrelor (100%)STEMI and NSTEMIPCIIntravenous on presentationMorphine35616614234355
No morphine35638023146045
Parodi et al 6 2015Ticagrelor (68%) and prasugrel (32%)STEMIPCINot specifiedMorphine20562739534957
No morphine9561797155453
Bellandi et al 3 2016Ticagrelor (72%) and prasugrel (28%)STEMIPCINot specifiedMorphine10864738455549
No morphine7464768166645
Mccarthy et al 9 2017Clopidogrel (77%) and ticagrelor (18%)STEMI and NSTEMIPCINot specifiedMorphine783627631286830
No morphine2244657424236624
Bonin et al 7 2018Not specifiedSTEMIPCINot specifiedMorphine55459826133843
No morphine41361825133741
Farag et al 8 2018Clopidogrel (86%) and ticagrelor (14%)STEMIPCIIntravenous prehospitalMorphine218647811164934
No morphine82638012225429
  • *All study reported in-hospital outcomes except Bonin et al.

  • ACS, acute coronary syndrome; NSTEMI, non-ST elevation myocardial infarction; PCI, percutaneous coronary intervention; STEMI, ST elevation myocardial infarction.