Table 1

Demographics and lesion characteristics

Patient characteristics
 Patients, n248
 Age, years72.8±9.6
 Male, %74.2
 Prior lower limb revascularisation, %37.2
 Prior coronary revascularisation, %44.7
 Hypertension, %79.8
 Diabetes mellitus, %62.0
 Dyslipidaemia, %57.2
 Haemodialysis, %29.0
 Smoking history, %67.8
Limb characteristics
 Limbs, n258
 Right, n131
Lesion characteristics
 Lesions, n277
 Reference vessel diameter, mm5.8±0.8
 Lesion length, mm124.9±97.6
 Chronic total occlusion, %41.9
 Severe calcification, %16.2
 Extent of lesion, %
  Proximal SFA23.1
  Distal SFA38.6
  Above-the-knee PA5.1
  Entire SFA27.4
  Distal SFA and above-the-knee PA2.2
  Entire SFA and above-the-knee PA3.6
  Number of stents used1.6±0.9
  • PA, popliteal artery; SFA, superficial femoral artery.