Table 3

Lesion characteristics based on medical therapy at discharge

DAPT (+) (n=189)DAPT (−) (n=88)P valueCilostazol (+) (n=84)Cilostazol (−) (n=193)P value
Reference vessel diameter, mm5.8±0.95.7±0.70.1935.7±0.85.8±0.90.149
Lesion length, mm129.0±98.7116.1±95.10.307136.4±99.8119.9±96.40.198
Chronic total occlusion, %42.842.90.99148.740.40.211
Severe calcification, %14.320.50.01420.214.50.542
Extent of lesion, %
 Proximal SFA23.821.60.30916.725.90.556
 Distal SFA34.946.642.936.8
 Above-the-knee PA4.
 Entire SFA30.720.529.826.4
 Distal SFA and above-the-knee PA2.
 Entire SFA and above-the-knee PA4.
Number of stents used1.6±0.91.6±0.90.8751.7±0.91.6±0.90.294
  • PA, popliteal artery; SFA, superficial femoral artery.