Table 3

Participant responses

ItemQuestion askedPatient answerPercentage (%)
1What is the name of your heart condition?Correct16.4%
Do not know/no answer provided43.0
2What is atrial fibrillation?Correct16.4
Mistaken/do not know82.4
3Is this a symptom of atrial fibrillation?
Irregular heart beatCorrect68.5
Mistaken/do not know31.5
Mistaken/do not know39.5
Chest discomfortCorrect52.1
Mistaken/do not know47.9
Mistaken/do not know57.6
Decreased exercise abilityCorrect63.6
Mistaken/do not know36.4
4What are we trying to prevent when we treat atrial fibrillation?
Symptomatic reliefCorrect63.0
Mistaken/do not know37.0
Mistaken/do not know87.3
Heart failureCorrect57.6
Mistaken/do not know42.4
Heart attackCorrect43.6
Mistaken/do not know56.4
5Are you taking any blood thinning medication?Correct92.7
Mistaken/do not know7.3
6What is the name of your blood thinning medication?Correct54.5
Mistaken/do not know45.5
7Why are you on a blood thinning medication?Correct68.5
Mistaken/do not know31.5
8Is this a complication of blood thinning medication?
Mistaken/do not know31.5
Mistaken/do not know25.5
9Do you know how your blood is being monitored?Correct66.1
Mistaken/do not know33.9
10Other than blood thinning medications, what other treatments are there for atrial fibrillation?Rate/rhythm control medications11.5
Radiofrequency ablation7.3
Others: lifestyle modifications, control of other chronic diseases11.5