Table 2

Association of clinical covariates with CP ≥1800 mm*ms

Clinical covariatesAdjusted
95% CIP value
Age per 10 years1.461.24 to 1.73<0.001
Sex (female)0.400.27 to 0.58<0.001
 Malay0.910.55 to 1.510.720
 Indian0.930.44 to 1.980.851
SBP per 10 mm Hg1.141.05 to 1.260.003
Heart rate per 10 beats per minute1.261.08 to 1.490.004
  • Multivariate analysis of clinical variables in association with CP ≥1800 mm*ms, with adjusted OR expressed for age, SBP and heart rate in per 10 units increase.

  • CP, Cornell product; SBP, systolic blood pressure.