Table 3

Characteristics and outcomes of received cases

CaseCase demographicsValvular diseasePrior ADR to BPGType of BPG administeredTime to adverse eventBrighton criteriaOutcome
1Female, 12,
Timor Leste
YesNo*PowderedImmediateLevel 2Death
2Female, 12, IndiaYesNoPowderedImmediateUncertain†Death
3Male, 13,
YesYesPowderedImmediateDid not meet criteriaFull recovery
4Female, 15, UgandaYesNoPowderedImmediateDid not meet criteriaDeath
5Female, 16, NepalYesNoPowdered<1 hourLevel 1Death
6Male, 17, UgandaYesNoPowderedImmediateUncertain†Death
7Female, 19, NepalYesNoPowdered<1 hourLevel 2Full Recovery
8Female, 24, NepalYesNoPowdered<1 hourLevel 1Death
9Male, 32, UgandaYesNoPowderedImmediateUncertain†Death
10Male, 35, NepalYesNoPowdered<1 hourLevel 1Death
  • *First dose of BPG.

  • †Unable to assess due to missing data.

  • ADR, adverse drug reaction; BPG, benzathine penicillin G.