Table 2

Quality appraisal of included studies

Study designInclusion criteriaValidated measuresData analysisReportingContent and utility
Bi et al, 20092YYNYYY
Jin etal, 20143NYNYYY
Zhang et al, 201512YYNYYY
Jiang et al, 201213NNNAYYY
Wang and Li, 201416NNYNYY
Li, 201517YNNYYY
Ding et al, 201318NYNYYY
Zhao et al, 201519NYYNYY
Dai, 201320YYNNNN
Hu et al, 200821NNNYYY
Jiang et al, 201529YYNYYY
Xu et al, 201225YYNYYY
Li et al, 201624YYNYYY
Wang et al, 201523NYNYYY
Li et al, 200922NYNYYY
Li et al, 201226YNYYYY
Zhuang et al, 201627YYNYYY
Yang et al, 201228YYYNYY
Huang et al, 201430NYYNYY
Zhang and Chen, 201131NNNYYY
Li, 201332NYNNYN
Liu et al, 201733NYNNYY
Chen et al, 201535NNNYYY
Atkins et al, 201736YNNYYY
Du et al, 201638YYNYYY
Li et al, 201239YNNNYN
Cao et al, 201743YYYYYY
Jiang et al, 200740YYYNYY
Zhao and Wong, 200944YYYYYY
Zhao et al, 201541YYYNYY
Wu et al, 201245YYNYYY
Zhao et al, 201542YYNNYY
Fang and Li, 201646YYYYYY
Table headingScoring criteria
Study designThe study design was clearly described.
Inclusion criteriaThe inclusion or exclusion criteria of participants were clearly stated.
Validated measuresStandardised questionnaire was used to measure medication adherence/non-adherence score.
Data analysisStatistical methods used to analyse the data were explicitly stated.
ReportingThe findings of the study were objectively reported.
Content and utilityMain findings, such as interpretations, inferences and themes, were synthesised based on evidence and were consistent with the results.
  • N, no; NA, not applicable; Y, yes.