Table 2

Echocardiographic parameters after adjustment

PeAF (n=21)PAF (n=67)P value
E wave* (cm/s)66.8±3.9165.6±2.160.787
A wave* (cm/s)71.2±3.5280.5±1.950.025
DcT* (ms)226.4±14.4238.5±7.90.467
e′* (cm/s)5.79±0.3326.30±0.1830.189
LVEF* (%)65.6±1.1566.6±0.640.487
LAD* (mm)39.8±1.0138.0±0.560.124
  • The value is shown with adjusted average ±SE.

  • *Adjusted for age, sex and body mass index.

  • A, atrial inflow velocity; DcT, deceleration time; E, early inflow velocity; LAD, left atrial diameter; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; PeAF, permanent atrial fibrillation.